Nail Marks


Do you see the nail marks on the walls? (Well, I don’t actually have nails cuz I bite them, but if I did? There would be marks all over the walls of this blog.) Why? Because I told God I didn’t want to do a blog. I have resisted and clawed at the walls for so many reasons- but really it’s all summed up in this: I can’t do it. I am the “anti-blogger!” Why?

*I’m not consistent in anything

*I’m completely A.D.D.

*I’m not an early riser (my idea of the perfect schedule…go to bed about 2 or 3 am. and get up around noon….but I have four kids so that aint happenin’!)

*I don’t know anything about how to blog

*I’m clueless with website management, etc. (I don’t know what plug-ins, widgets, or permalinks are.)

*I don’t have extra time to write and manage a blog (seriously…I’m very busy!!)

*I’m lazy. I don’t want to put the effort in only to have no one read what I’ve written.

*I’m terrified by the entire idea (and I’m not scared of much so that says a lot!).

To all of this God has responded with something along the lines of, “Yes! Absolutely correct. You can’t do it. Now we are ready to begin.” He says this gleefully and I picture him rubbing his hands together and chuckling. Meanwhile I look on in horror as all of this begins to move forward. He takes off in front of me and says, “Here blogger, blogger… come follow me.” And I put one foot in front of the other. Why? Because He and I have already done the following verse together. I know it forward and backward and inside out and He knows that.

“Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge him and he will direct your paths.” Proverbs 3:5-6

Even on a blog? Yes, Rebekah, even on a blog. So I know that He wants me to do this…and He doesn’t care if the only one reading is my mom. He has something to teach me, so class is in session. Thanks for dropping in. I hope He makes you do something really uncomfortable today too, so we’re even. 😛


UPDATE: Well…it’s been over a year now and I can’t believe how much fun it has been, becoming a “blogger.” I have “met” some really cool writers and have learned soooo much. If you’d told me last February, when I was busy leaving “nail marks” all over my first post, that I’d have over 10,000 clicks on my blog in that year, I would have fainted. Still, I’m really not concerned with how many people stop by here. I’m more concerned with being an encouragement to anyone who does. I don’t know what the future holds but I plan to keep writing as often as I’m able (with four kids pulling me different directions). Thanks for stopping by and God Bless!!


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  1. I love your ramblings,I can so relate. Except I think your better at
    the obedience/action part of this scenario. But your words and
    your life are such an inspiration to me. Thanks for telling me about
    your blog .I’ll definitely be visiting often!

  2. Mom will NOT be the only one reading this…..and im enjoying it already.

  3. I believe this is going to be some great reading, thanks for inspiring

  4. Yeah for you….just keep them sort short so I can accomplish the task 🙂

  5. I know how much you have resisted doin this, just go with it and let your creative mind pour out in words from the heart, inspired by what God has blessed you with… I look forward to reading…

  6. Love your blog and I’m not your mom or sister! Will keep checking in. Looking forward to seeing you in April!!

  7. Way to go, sis! Proud of you. Oh, and it’s not just mom reading, it’s me too. 🙂 Is that Goat Island (your photo)?

    • Thanks Sis!! If it weren’t for you this would probably still be just a page in my journal. :). And all the pics I have up right now were taken in Africa. The one you mentioned is at the ocean.

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