Learning to Knit

Whatever. I can’t knit. I’m really trying. I’m getting very good at the casting-on part. But the actual knitting part is a bit problematic for me. I recently heard someone say that people these days want instant success. That if they try something and they’re not excellent at it right away, they quit. GUILTY. Yeah, I’m like that. For example, I say that I can’t paint. My mother is a painter and to be honest I do have artistic skills. But the few times I tried to paint, I didn’t like the result…it wasn’t “perfect” enough so I decided I can’t do it and I’ve never even tried again, insisting that I just can’t paint!


Knitting is the same thing. Since I’m not a master on day one, I’m discouraged and want to give up. But I can’t give up this one cuz it’s for a good cause. I’m going to Africa in a few weeks and one of our team members is doing a micro industry project. She’s going to teach a few of the women to knit and we will help them get a business started. She invited us all to a Knitting party where we could donate supplies and learn how to knit. Not usually my kind of thing…but I went cuz of the good cause thing and all…

I went with a friend, I’ll call her Martha Stewart, and she taught me how to cast on and how to start the knitting process. (I figured I should at least learn the basics so that if the women who are learning in Africa need help I can be of some use.) Martha was very patient considering all my fingers turned into thumbs the minute I grasped the knitting needles. But by the time we left I had successfully completed two whole rows of 41 stitches. (I may have started over a time or two.) And I am determined to finish this little project even though I suck at it. It’s a very simple thing. A square wash cloth. How hard can it be?

Not hard for Martha. She texted me this pic within a few hours of leaving the knitting party:


Whatever. Since that day I have started over 5 times. One time I realized I had 45 stitches. How did I do that? I don’t know. The problem is that I don’t really know what I’m doing so every time I make a mistake, I have to start back at the beginning. I don’t know how to fix the mistakes! But I must say, I’m now an excellent “caster-on-er.”


So I may just have to give up my perfectionist tendencies and relax a little but I will finish this stupid washcloth if it kills me. (I was going to say “damn washcloth” but then I thought that might be too much for some people on day two of my blog…then I realized this is all about being honest and I call it a damn washcloth in my head, so…there ya go.) And I will pack it in my suitcase and I will hand it to a little girl or boy on the other side of the world who will love it, even if it looks nothing like Martha’s.


It’s kind of the same way I feel about this blog. I’ve realized that a huge part of why I’ve resisted starting a blog is that it’s uncomfortable not being good at something. And when you start something like this, it doesn’t look successful at first. You don’t get 100 likes and 50 comments on day one so it might feel icky. But this too is for a good cause. Any time you obey God and do what you feel strongly that he wants you to do, that’s a good cause. So I will post as often as I can and I will start over if I mess it up and I will keep going because I’m not going to quit just because it’s not perfect. His grace is sufficient and thankfully, His mercies are new every morning. All that goes for you too, ya know! Is there something you really wanted to do but you’ve given up on it just because you couldn’t do it perfectly? I hope you give it another chance…cast on once again and push thru the uncomfortable. Try to see the beauty in process. I’m learning to do that.


Thanks for all the sweet and encouraging comments yesterday. I feel like a millionaire when it comes to friends. So blessed! ☺




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  1. funny post. 🙂 I tried crocheting a hat for Elise before she was born. The yarn was a beautiful soft white and the pattern was lovely. But by the time I was finished it totally looked like an elf hat (that wouldn’t even fit onto her doll’s head). I guess we all have to start somewhere, right?

  2. Well,obviously your mom is not the only one reading this, but I’m glad to know that if I was, you would still write it.It can’t be any harder than me, forcing myself to learn to draw animals doing people things, like playing instruments and dancing.I can totally relate to your dislike for learning to do things, I’m not already good at…cause I’ve always been bad at that. Anyway, great job love, keep up the good work.( this last sentence was typed with an irish accent.)

    • hey mama…glad you found the blog. It was ironic that I said only my mom would read it and then I forgot to tell you it was live. haha. Love the irish accent…well done 🙂

  3. I wanted to comment on this, cuz there is so much wisdom in your honest words and I wanted to encourage you to write more! But, honestly, I almost didn’t becuz I was concerned it would not be clever, inspired or, quite frankly, perfect. But there is freedom in imperfection. Thanks for sharing! Now maybe I’ll go watch the youtube videos so I can help my girls!

  4. ohmygoodness Girl, you are amazing. I love your honesty (“damn washcloth” made me giggle), and God’s already using your words in my life. (I am learning that my thought processes on things like, um, perfectionism, and trying something I might not be good at, are an awful lot like yours.) And the thought occurred to me while reading your last big paragraph that if your blog was “all perfect”, it wouldn’t be very interesting to read, plus it would tend to make the reader (me!) feel even more inferior. LOL….love your efforts, thanks for obeying Him!

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