Apples to Oranges

A friend mentioned that if my blog were perfect then the readers would feel less than perfect or “inferior” therefore it’s good that it’s not “perfect” (or more accurately that I’m not perfect). I totally agree with that idea on a large scale. Whenever I’ve had the opportunity to speak in public or write in a public forum I’ve always done my best to point out my flaws and laugh at myself. I don’t do this so that people will try to make me feel better. (You know, like that friend you grew up with who always said she looked ugly just so you’d say she didn’t.) No, I do it because I think it’s so important to be real. It makes people more comfortable around you if they know you’re not perfect.


For some reason we all tend to compare ourselves with others. The problem is that we don’t realize we are comparing our weaknesses (which we know all too well as they stalk us and shout at us daily) with their strengths (the parts most people show to the world). It’s apples to oranges and doesn’t make sense! I could probably write ten blog posts on this topic alone (and I probably will over time!)


I once heard best-selling author, John Maxwell, talk about a large leadership conference he had spoken at. He was not scheduled until Sunday but he attended the whole weekend and said he noticed something surprising. As Friday and Saturday wore on, the mood seemed more and more deflated. So that by Saturday night it was almost depressing to watch the faces in the crowd.


He was first up on Sunday and he knew exactly what he had to do. He tossed his original speech and instead stood up there and told those deflated people about all of his mistakes. He laughed at himself and they laughed with him until the whole place was lifted out of a fog.


See, all weekend the speakers were so successful that people began to feel like they could never measure up. It wasn’t until John tore down the veil and reminded them that successful people aren’t perfect that they relaxed and started to have hope that they too could reach their goals.


And even tho I know not to compare apples to oranges, I still have to be reminded. Just as my book was getting ready to hit the shelves I discovered my new favorite author (Julie Klassen) and as I finished a couple of her books I began to panic thinking, “Who am I kidding? I’m not a good author! She is a good author. I want to be her when I grow up! Stop the presses…don’t print it! My book is not good!” But then I took a deep breath, ate a piece of chocolate (always helps) and prayed. I asked God to help me trust Him and not compare myself.


Then again, on the same day that I admitted that I felt like God wanted me to write a blog, I started reading a blog by a woman named Glennon that was absolutely hysterical ( I laughed till I cried and then I panicked again. “Lord, I can’t do a blog! This woman is amazing. She is perfect at this. I will suck! I’m not funny like she is, I don’t have the stories to tell that she does, blah blah blah!”


But after I calmed down (and again…chocolate) I felt like God was reminding me that I don’t have to be Julie Klassen or Glennon or any other person I admire. I just have to be myself and be honest. I can learn from them and I can grow but thru it all I still have to be Rebekah. I’m glad He’s teaching me these things because for the most part I really do like being me and trying to be someone else is exhausting. So, I’ll be unapologetically me, you be unapologetically you and we’ll all be better off for it. 🙂





P.S. I often mention my conversations with God. I think most of the people reading my blog at this point will know what I mean when I say I heard God say something. But if you’re interested (or concerned or horrified) check out the tab at the top, “God Stuff” for an explanation. (or click here.)


P.S. P.S. I almost didn’t put in the link to Glennon’s blog because I was afraid you’d go there and never come back to my blog again. Haha. But then I remembered that smart girls don’t make decisions in fear. So please go check out her blog and read Julie Klassen’s books too! I know you will love them both and I’m thrilled to recommend them. 🙂

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  2. This makes me think about the way I always tell all my kids that they are my favorite…because they all are unique and theres no way I can compare them. There is no one like you Reb..and I’m glad.It’s so easy for us to see that in other people. Why can’t we do it with ourselves?

  3. “…trying to be someone else is exhausting.”
    Amen! Ain’t that the truth, and it reminds me of that other nugget of goodness: “Nobody else is better equipped to be you!”
    So glad you’re so AWESOME at being Rebekah…keep it up☺

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