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Hello friends 😉 Well, I wasn’t sure I could write more than two blog posts in a row but I’ve done several days in a row now and I have to admit…I’m really enjoying it! Thanks to all of you who have stopped in, commented, subscribed/followed, sent Facebook messages, etc. You have been so encouraging! You have no idea.

So, for Wednesday’s post, I have a story I’ve been working on but it’s taking longer than I expected. It’s now 12:45 a.m. and I really don’t want to rush this one because it’s a subject that’s very close to my heart. Seven a.m. is rapidly approaching and although I could stay up and get this one finished, I’m trying to be a good girl and get at least 6 hours of sleep at night. So instead of skipping a day or waiting till later Wednesday to post, I’m posting something I wrote for LetThemLOL‘s blog a couple of years ago. It’s still relevant today, so enjoy!

Someone told me recently that we live in a “dull world.” Hmmm. I can see how life can sometimes feel dull or monotonous. But I don’t think we live in a dull world. I think we are dull when we choose not to step out and take bold actions. There’s an obscure little Tom Hanks movie from the early 1990’s called “Joe versus the Volcano.”

It didn’t get rave reviews but I remember my husband and I loving the over-the-top humor in it. The main character, Joe, leads a painfully monotonous, boring life until he’s told he’s going to die. Then everything changes because he starts making bold choices. It’s a story about how taking fearless actions causes him to fall in love with a life he previously hated.

I don’t pretend that we can all make daily decisions as if we were going to die in six months. But, we can mix things up a little. We can filter the “no’s” that automatically escape our mouths and start looking for opportunities to take bold steps and to say “yes” to those in need, on more occasions. (Now those of you who say yes to everyone and every need, I’m not talking to you…that’s a whole other issue. 🙂 I’ll blog on that one another day!)

A couple of years ago, I said “yes” when asked to go to Africa with non-profit organization, LetThemLoL. I have four kids and a husband who works nights. So this was a bold move. (Some called it crazy!) But it was a step away from the boring, mundane, and ordinary that had become the norm for me. And thanks to that decision, I am a different person than I was then. Change doesn’t take long. It really only takes a second; as long as it takes to say “yes” to an opportunity that can change someone else’s life, as well as your own.

What if you challenged yourself to do one bold thing each day? What would that look like? It might mean you smile and say hi to every stranger you pass by. It might mean you agree to take line-dancing lessons with your neighbor who needs a night out. It might mean you challenge your neighborhood to hold a block sale and donate the proceeds to provide a clean water well for a neighborhood on the other side of the globe. What will your life look like in six months if you start making one bold choice each day? Food for thought 🙂



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  2. This was a good one, glad you “repeated” it. Now, I’m really curious about the next one, and looking forward to it!
    (BTW, good girl, for getting to bed “on time”….don’t know how you do it….12:45 is a next-day-deal-breaker for me!)

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