My Mom Is Awesome

Here is my mom’s response to yesterday’s “Leavin’ on a Jet Plane” post (one where I was freaking out about not being able to get anything on my To-do list accomplished):

“Rebekah,this is your mom…the reason you can’t get any thing done is that you have four days left….as soon as your inner clock says you have just enough time to do everything you really need to do and make it on the plane in time, you will focus. Believe me I know. It’s almost impossible to trick an ADD, last minute type brain into doing things ahead of time. Although the paper list will help somewhat with the ping pong balls in your brain, I think mainly you just have to trust yourself and know that you WILL do what you NEED to do.Love you, have an amazing trip.I’m so proud of you.” 

She is absolutely right and so wise. It’s good to listen to your mom. (Thanks mama…you are spot on! My internal clock buzzed today and I got a ton of stuff done and I feel so much better! Reading your comment tonight was a lovely confirmation of what my brain was telling me today. Love you!)

I just wanted to share with you all what she wrote so that those of you who are like me and struggle with focus will feel better cuz my mom says you’re okay, just the way you are.

And those who think we are weird because we’re wired this way, my mom says it’s okay, so it is.


Soooo excited to get on that plane! Check back for updates!



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  1. God speed Rebekah! Praying for the team and the blessing of God to rain down. Can’t wait to see updates and to read your heart thoughts as you process!

  2. awwww..It’s good to know I understand my girl. Glad you got things done ( and glad you found your to do list.)

  3. Have a safe, blessed and wonderful trip. (should i throw out all those lists i made for you? LOL) Luv you just the way you are.

  4. God wired us the way we are, so it IS all good. (Remember, He doesn’t make mistakes!) You’re mama’s right. And have a FABULOUS trip!

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