What does “white” taste like?

One of our favorite stops when we go to Sierra Leone is an orphanage in Moribatown. Last year, we got to watch as the kids saw clean water pumping from their brand new well. It was such a special moment. So this year, it was fun to go back and have the kids run up to us, so excited to see us again.

When we got out of our cars, we were immediately surrounded by children. One team member commented that she had a child on each finger. It’s true! You know when a dad puts one kid on each foot and tries to walk around with his kids clinging to his legs? That’s what it reminds me of. We walk with ten kids on each side all trying to maintain physical contact. They rub our arms and pinch our skin…fascinated. It’s so white and they are mesmerized. Occasionally they would kiss our hands and one friend even said she was pretty sure that she was licked! I guess they wanted to know what white tastes like.

This year, as I stood there…arms rubbed and pinched I felt a breeze on my ankle and looked down to see one of them pulling up my pant leg, checking to see if my legs were white too. I burst out laughing. These kids are so precious and friendly and just longing for a special connection.

While I love going there, I also dread it because I can’t help them. I’m so thankful that they are in the orphanage and not on the streets. They are in a much better place than they were. But of course each one wants what our kids have, a mom and dad to call their own. I can’t adopt them. (Govt doesn’t allow adoption from Sierra Leone right now.) I can’t send them to college or provide them with any of the material needs they have. I’m stretched to my limit with sponsoring 6 other kids. I can’t add any more right now and that breaks my heart. So part of me hates to visit. But I can love on them while I’m there. I can pray for them and I can remember them. That’s what they always ask us to do…to remember them. Today I’m remembering them and saying a prayer for them. If you’re a praying person, will you say a prayer for my little friends in Moribatown?

Thanks 🙂


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  1. Praying…

  2. I cannot imagine how bitter sweet visiting those children must have been for you and your fellow travellers. I am saying prayers for those beautiful children.

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