Guest Blogger #2- Heidi Flemons- “As Is”

Heidi is my funniest friend that I’ve never met. We have a mutual friend on Facebook (thanks Alison!) and one day just started talking on there and laughing at each other. She had me laughing so hard because I recognized myself in her story about how A.D.D. she is. In some ways we are so much alike…except that she’s a rock star and tiny and adorable and I think she may be vegan…but other than that…we could be twins. haha. She posted the following on her fb page one day and it really spoke to me so I asked her if I could post it here. She immediately obliged and is now calling me her publicist. 🙂 She describes herself on her website as: “Fun sized spastic ball of A.D.D. induced randomness. (also) More is better.”

Here are Heidi’s thoughts on how we see the people in our lives:

As I was journaling and praying this morning, the Lord was so kind to share something with me that I feel is too amazing not to share. Maybe it will encourage one of my friends here and maybe it will make it more real to me by “verbalizing” it.

There are many people in my life, past and present, and in all of my circles (friendships, family and even working relationships) that I have wanted to be different…I have had high hopes for them to be more healthy than they were at that point in their journey. Maybe I wanted them to treat me how I knew they would want to be treated or to be the kind of friend to me that I had tried to be to them. Maybe I wanted for them to see the reality of their situation or the situation that we found ourselves in together more clearly and authentically. Often, I have tried a hundred different ways of sharing my perspective and feelings so we could move forward in a more healthy way and I have to say that it rarely has “worked”. So here’s the great thing I got while journaling….I prayed that God would help me to accept people in my sphere, even those who have been hurtful or that don’t understand me or have unrealistic or unhealthy expectations of me or our situation, “AS IS”. Then, the analogy that came to mind was like when you walk into a showroom to buy a piece of furniture and you love lots of things about it but it’s the “floor model” and you have to choose to accept it “AS IS” with no expectations for it to be in better condition than it really is. It has gotten banged up along the way and you choose to take it “as is” or not. My prayer this morning was that in all my relationships God would help me to truly accept people on an “as is” basis, knowing that they’ve gotten banged up along the way, and to not have any expectations of them to be in better condition, relationally, than they are right at that moment. I believe loving people right where they are, having high hopes for them AND no expectations, brings incredible freedom (the opposite of control and strife and worry). UHMAZING!

This is such an amazing season of freedom for me…more than I’ve known in a long long time. Joy comes with freedom so I hope this is encouraging to you as it was to me.


I know it was to me, Heidi. Thanks for sharing!



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  1. needed this today. thank you!

  2. I can really relate to this too. It’s not easy to do, but it does feel so good when I manage to do it…let go and just love people…imagine how life could be if everyone was willing to do that?

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