A Wedding Album- 21 Years Ago

You are invited! To look at some of my wedding album, that is!

I said yesterday that today’s post would be the flip side of yesterday’s post about judging. And I have that post for you…but not today. I wanted to celebrate my anniversary with you all, so for the next post we’ll be back to regularly scheduled programming. For now, I hope you enjoy a walk down memory lane with me. (Get ready for some 90’s hair!)

Yes…21 years. Of course, getting married at 10 years old was a hardship but…ya know, it was a different time back then.

Did I have the cutest flower girls or what? Yep, that's my little sisters Leah & Sammie

It was a gorgeous (a-little-too-hot-but-better-than-rainy) June day. All our dresses were homemade. My aunt Mary did mine and my beautiful and precious friend Tam, maid of honor (not matron…that sounds old) made three of the dresses (maybe the little one’s dresses?) Mom did some sewing, I think. Or maybe aunt Mary did all the rest. She’s amazing…so she probably did. But I can’t imagine how long each of those little rosettes took to make!

Brother Jon & the girls. Too cute!!

Before we started dating, Bill was a youth worker and he’d come over to play video games (surprise) with my brother Jon. Years later, Jon said he was crushed when he realized he’d been used. Haha.


My sister Sarah...only 14 years old. Aww...pretty girl πŸ™‚

Funny, I don’t remember us all being so young!


Well...Hans & Franz were just a big part of our lives back then. Mike "Chief Bald Eagle" was Bill's best man.

Yeah, so the SNL skit “Hans & Franz” with Arnie and Dana Carvey was repeatedly mimicked in our circles. It was only appropriate to have a shot or two in the album. I’ve spared you all the shots. We’ll let this one be the representative. For a laugh, next time you see Bill, you should ask him to do his Hans & Franz imitation πŸ™‚


Bill with his mama. No, her fro was not that big...it's a shadow!

Bill’s mom, Sherry, is the best mother-in-law ever. I’m just sayin.


Me and my Mama...she was only around 35 years old here! Wow.

Seriously? Can you imagine being “Mother of the Bride” at 35? Well, 35 seemed much older to me then than it does now…can I get an amen?


Bill and his daddy, John.

Fun fact: Three of John’s grandkids (all from different children) are born on May 18th. What are the odds of that? Well, John has told me before…it’s in the million to one category but the exact number escapes me.


Me and my daddy. You can't really tell but he has a pony tail here. ahaha...Old Hippie!

Well…he wasn’t too happy about his baby girl getting married at 18. But he handled it graciously. I think he started talking to Bill again by our 10th anniversary. πŸ˜‰

My handsome man!

Love those dimples!

Classic bridal shot...and I wasn't really 10...I was 18

Now, my friend Sue, who took all our wedding pics (with her hubby, Dave) as a wedding present to us (awesome), used very advanced techniques here. She breathed on the lens and took the shot as it cleared. Haha…it was effective tho! (The real shot looks better…this is more blurry cuz it’s a pic of a pic.)


We were married already...it was legal!

Mhmm. This speaks for itself.


What's wrong with this picture?? Got it yet? Anyway, here's Leah & Sammie in front, then from left: Heather (bff ), Sarah, Ellen, Julie, Tammy, Me & Bill, Mike, Doug, Mike, Tom & Don

How are you liking the 90’s hair?? What awesome friends we had. If any of you are reading this, thanks for sharing our special day with us. We love you and miss you!


My Papa. We repeated our vows in front of him at the hospital.

My Papa had been sick in the hospital. He was released just a few weeks before the wedding so we were so glad he’d be able to come. But then he got in a car accident and landed back in the hospital. So we decided if he couldn’t come to the wedding, the wedding would come to him. We all traipsed through the hospital in full wedding attire. The comic relief came when a little old lady wanted to shake Mike’s hand (best man). He shook her hand and as we walked away he discovered some sort of mashed banana substance all over his hand. It was awesome.



With this ring...Best day of my life.

Dear Bill,

You are the love of my life. I couldn’t have made a better choice even if I had been ten years older! (IΒ wasΒ wise beyond my years, you know ;)) I never understood why you took a chance on a young, quiet girl when you had your pick of girls. But I’m forever grateful.

God gave you to me as a gift. You and I declared then that we would be like iron sharpening iron and that we were a triple braided cord…You, Me and God. Through the ups and downs, we have always been there for each other. There’s no one I’d rather be “braided” with. Haha.Β I love you babe. Happy 21st!







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  1. awww love this! (Mom made mine and Sammie’s dresses) πŸ™‚

    Happy Anniversary Bill and Bekah! <3

  2. Awwwwww this was so fun to look through! I loved all of your comments! Happy anniversary to you two! I was married at 20 and these days thats considered young too (even looking back at 25 i’m thinking, “what?? 20??” ha. My hubby too took a chance on me since he is 5 years older and I am so thankful to have him as my partner in crime. Thanks for sharing this!!

  3. Oh Rebekah, this is SO wonderful and fun, it brought tears to my eyes, as I read your words to Bill today. A covenant marriage truly IS God’s symbol to us, of HIs love for His bride. It is one of the very few glimpses we have into His beauty and His perfection here on this earth. I am so blessed to know of your anniversary and even more, of the love and commitment that you and Bill still share. Thank you so very much. I share in your happy day today!
    Love, Tam
    p.s. I made 3 of the bridesmaid dresses. πŸ™‚ (beep, beep, toot my own horn.)

    • Tam!
      Thank you! I’m so glad you saw it. (I kind of made sure by emailing and posting it on mike’s and julie’s wall! overkill? LOL) You were such a rock for me during that time of my life and an integral part of God bringing me and Bill together. And I’m so sorry I forgot you made the dresses! But that’s the beauty of blogging…I can change the post! haha. Revisions coming up!
      Love you,
      p.s. Bill’s having a really bad day…work stuff he’s dealing with that’s a bit overwhelming. Prayers appreciated!

  4. What a beautiful testimony of marriage and love! Thank you for sharing…hope you have a wonderful anniversary and may you continue to be blessed in your marriage!

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