Dark Knight Tragedy-let’s call it what it is

Bit of a rant…but sometimes you just gotta say what’s on your mind…

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Last Thursday, my sister and I ventured out with 7 teenagers to see the midnight premier of Dark Knight Rises, here in Buffalo. I was so saddened the next morning to hear the horrific news coming out of Colorado. I can’t even imagine what the people in that movie theater endured nor what the victims’ families are currently enduring. This was an evil thing. There is no other way to see it.

And yet, I heard and saw comments that puzzled me after the shootings. Someone commented on a friend’s post about the tragedy that (and I’m paraphrasing) this is a perfect example of why we shouldn’t allow such violent movies to be made. I had to read it twice. Was she really asserting that this evil act was perpetrated because there is violence in the movie? The Old Testament is full of violence. Full! Does that mean that people are violent because of the Bible? And therefore we shouldn’t read it?

Then, on the other hand, someone commented that this tragedy shows how people shouldn’t be allowed to purchase guns. My gut reaction to that says that if I had been in that theater, I would have been very thankful to be sitting next to a concerned citizen carrying a legal weapon. Personally, I wish that 50 people had been carrying weapons and all of them had taken that twisted man down. I don’t wish to get into a gun control debate. But I’d be willing to bet that someone as intent on causing mayhem and death as the shooter was, would have found the guns he wanted whether they were legal or not. And in the end, inanimate objects do not kill, people with evil intent do.

I get very frustrated when people don’t take responsibility for their stuff and I think we perpetuate that when something horrible like this happens and we make excuses. This is not the movie’s fault or the gun’s fault. It’s the shooter’s fault. At some point, he allowed evil into his life. I’m sure it started small. I’m sure it was something that seemed like just a little compromise or an inconsequential wrong choice. And then it probably happened again, and again. And over time, it would seem he allowed himself to be consumed by evil thoughts and desires. And the result is a horrific tragedy.

Romans 12:9 says, “Love must be sincere. Hate what is evil; cling to what is good.” When facing great evil, I can only cling to God. I know He is good and I pray that the God of all comfort will wrap his arms around the people in Colorado that are hurting right now. I pray for healing for the families and justice for the shooter.

Amidst the tragedy, I know there are miracles taking place. To read about one, click here.

Thanks for allowing me the occasional rant. Feel free to leave your comments but remember to be kind. I will gladly allow opposing opinions to be posted, but not if they are presented in a nasty way. You can read my “disclaimer” below.



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  1. Amen, sister.

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