Your most important decision…your next one.

One of my favorite bloggers, Sarah Bessy, wrote a blog called, In which this is saving my life right now, and she asked others to write on the same topic. My first thought was my friends. I often feel that I’m blessed beyond reason with amazing friends. And there are many days when I feel like they are saving my life. And then there’s the incredible book I just read by Steven Furtick, called Sun Stand Still. There is such hope and encouragement to live with audacious faith within those pages that I’m ready to read it again just so I can really soak it all in and start living with bigger faith. But I had already started the following post before I read Sarah’s blog the other day and it is really the thing that is having a huge impact on me right now. If you struggle with making poor choices, read on…

Did you ever notice that bad choices are contagious? It goes something like this; I’m not supposed to eat anything that contains gluten. It does bad things to me. Within an hour of eating bread or pizza I feel like someone has slipped me a Unisom. Within two hours, the headache starts to come on and I can forget a good night’s sleep because I’ll wake up several times in the night with painful cramps. I’ll leave the rest to your imagination.

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Yet, despite all these documented side-effects ….sometimes I cheat. Sometimes, especially if it’s been a long time since I’ve gone through the gluten effect, the lure of that piece of pizza is too strong and I give in. (Pizza is my favorite food. Ever. I mean just think about it…it’s all four food groups wrapped up into one delicious wedge-shaped slice of deliciousness. I’m going to stop describing it now or I’ll find myself driving to the nearest pizza place to indulge.) So, it’s bad enough that I give in to that slice of pizza. But then, when someone offers me a brownie for dessert, what do I do? I give in again! Why? Because I’ve made one bad choice already and it makes the next one easier. If someone just randomly walked up and offered me a brownie, I wouldn’t take it. But once I’ve already paved the way with one poor choice, the thought goes through my mind, “Well, I’ve already screwed up with the pizza, may as well have the brownie too!” Bad choices are contagious.

And this is just a silly little food example, but it holds true in almost any set of poor choices. Many times the stakes are much higher than my gluten-induced malaise and the poor choices made can lead to disastrous results. But here’s the great news about bad choices being contagious; The inverse is true…good choices are also contagious!

Think about it. Have there been times in your life when you were eating well, working out and generally feeling really healthy? Those good habits built on each other and made wise choices easier. I know that after I spend half an hour working out and sweating like a pig (I hate sweating), I’m much less likely to indulge in a sugar-filled treat. Good choices are contagious.

Yet when I’m in a spiral of bad decisions it’s so hard to get out. I often feel like a failure at the end of the day because I didn’t get my check list done and I didn’t eat right, and I yelled at my kids.

Then the next morning, I’m overwhelmed before I even get out of bed because I’m thinking of all the opportunities I have to screw up my day. So here’s what’s saving my life right now. My new mindset…I’m only thinking about my next choice. I’m making one good decision at a time. Just one. That’s my focus. I don’t need to overwhelm myself with thinking about all the wise choices I need to make to have a successful day. I just need to think about the next choice and make a wise decision. And if I’m only concerned with one choice at a time, I have time to pray and ask God to help me make a wise choice.

This mindset is helping me get out of bed early instead of going back to sleep and starting my day late. It’s helping me resist all the gluteny foods that float in and out of my days. And it’s helping me re-set my day if I start down a road of poor choices. Because while I no longer allow myself to think about the mountain of decisions that are in front of me, I also refuse to focus on the ones behind me. Good or bad. All that I’m concerning myself with is my next decision. And the simplicity of that is saving my life right now. 

How about you? What’s saving your life right now? If you have a blog, write down your answer and join the synchroblog here. If you don’t have a blog, just leave a comment!




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  1. Found my way here from your comment on Lysa’s blog. Love your post and have to shout an “I hear ya!” Wow….been living under the spiral you describe for soooo long! In the past two years, God has taught me so much about obedience and it has been a painful but wonderful journey. He is so good to teach us and chasten us! Thanks for the encouragement and have a blessed day!

    • Thanks DeAnna! So glad you found my website and that you can relate 🙂 I think so many of us struggle with the same stuff…so I’m all about putting it out there and helping each other on the journey. And yes, He is so good!

  2. Very wise words, indeed, Rebekah. Love it.

  3. Mary Schickling

    Wise words once again. I can relate to that spiraling affect with my day
    and the choices I make. I also find myself in a vicious cycle of emotional
    defeat robbing me of energy and motivation, then not getting things done
    causing me to feel more discouraged and overwhelmed. We are so hard
    on ourselves. But taking things in small doable bites is a good idea that
    has the potential to reverse that negative cycle.

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