Takin a few days…

Hi friends!

Heading out with the whole fam for a little vacation this week, and then I’ll be taking my kiddos to Virginia for about 9 days. (The pic below is proof that we can all have fun together. Fingers crossed for all six of us in an RV for 5 days. I may hang this pic to remind them all they actually love each other.)

Photo Credit: Sj.Bridgeman

Photo Credit: Elitatt on Creative Commons

So…I won’t have much time for writing new posts. Instead I’ll be putting up some popular posts from earlier in the year.

Enjoy the rest of your summer…I’ll be back in a few weeks. Until then…if you need some reading material and you haven’t read my novel, Where the PInk Houses Are…it’s only $3 on Kindle right now! For more details, click here. And feel free to tell your friends. 😉 Thanks!

Happy Trails!


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