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I read Love Does by Bob Goff last week and I’m changed. It is an incredible book because it forces you to think about life differently. Love isn’t an emotion as much as it’s an action! Yes, Love feels, and love hopes but most of all Love Does. It does what needs doing even if no one is there to applaud.

It cleans the dirty dishes, again…with a smile because it’s about showing love, not who left their dishes out. It makes the beds and does the laundry. It wakes up early to get the day started right. It notices the hungry looking woman on the corner and DOES something about it. It reaches out to the woman at the meeting who looks like she’s about to cry.

There are opportunities to LOVE all around us every day. I’ve missed those opportunities so often. Sometimes maybe I have my eyes closed. But more often I think I just have them on myself. I don’t even realize I’m doing it. But I’m so focused on the storyline in my head (probably beating myself up over something stupid I’ve done) that I miss the beautiful story God is writing around me. 

No more. I’m walking through my day with eyes wide open and looking outward. I want to live like Bob Goff. I want to say “yes” to the story God is writing and I want to do LOVE not just have LOVE.

In the end, love doesn’t just keep thinking about it or keep planning for it. Simply put: love does. ~Love Does pg. xvi

Wanna join me? Let’s be LOVE to someone today.

~rebekah 🙂

P.S. For those of you who are tracking with me on the 12 Month Experiment to Rid My Home of Youth Entitlement, aka Cleaning House…it is going very well in our home…how about yours? I’ll put out an update later this week.

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  2. Thanks so much for this great reminder! I just told my hubby last night that the two things I feel were most important that God revealed to me after he woke me up out of complaciency back in 2011, were 1st a revelation of His love, then of His humility. Both go hand in hand. Loving, truly loving like Jesus is to do all in humillity…..even our day-to-day tasks we see as mundane.
    What a great reminder, to not be so self involved, that we miss out on beautiful opportunities to be His hands and feet.
    Oh & by the way….began the 12 month journey here at our house! Week one has been amazing, and we are learning so much! The kids about personal responsibilites, and me of letting go of my all to controlling personality. No more “mom running herself ragged” doing it all, when God has made them fully capable 🙂 Wow! What a simple revelation, yet so freeing!
    Also, bought your book on Amazon & can’t wait to read! Will letcha know what I think! 🙂

    • Thank you Cindy! I keep needing to remind myself of this lesson so I’m glad I’m not alone 🙂
      So glad you are taking the 12 month challenge with me. Keep me posted on your progress and let me know if you want to write a post about it!
      Oh…and thanks for ordering my book! Let me know how you like it 🙂

  3. Thanks for this article of encouragement and reminder that love is an ACTION, not just a feeling!! It seems that we too often forget that even the most menial task in our home should be done because of our love for our family, and done to the glory of our God. Thank you !! I needed that today!!

    • You’re welcome Rene, thanks for reading and commenting! It can be so hard to remember the reason behind what we’re doing when we’re scrubbing toilets and marveling at boys’ abilities to get any sized ball into a variety of goals and hoops and yet the bathroom target eludes them! LOL I need the reminder so often. I’m glad I’m not alone 🙂

  4. Awe, I love you Rebekah!

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