An Almost Headache Cure

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My Aunt Mary sent me a message yesterday wondering if I was alive and well. She hadn’t seen a post from me in a while and just wanted to check on me. Wasn’t that sweet?!

Well, yes Aunt Mary. I am alive and well (okay..”well-ish” this week) It’s just been a busy week with a couple major migraines thrown in for fun.

Bill and I made a decision a few weeks ago that we would pull “Ten” out of school for the year (which means I’m homeschooling again, after 8 years.) The reason was very simple. He needed more time with dad. With hubby’s schedule being opposite of the kids’ he sees them on Sundays and then not again…at all…till Thursday night. And we just felt like “Ten” needed to have some more one-on-one time. Since Bill is only home in the mornings, the only way to accomplish that was to homeschool. (And it’s been a good decision…definitely what he needed.)

This week he is at the end of most of the units which means lots of review and tests. So it’s been busy. Then with migraines kicking in…it’s been hard to find time to write, or to want to write. Being sick makes me so frustrated because I already have a mile long To Do list so when I’m sick, I lie in bed thinking of all the things I’m not getting done. And writing is a big one. I’m working on ideas for a few different books and keeping up with my blog as well as taking an online fiction course. So when I can’t keep my eyes open because the light hurts…that means I can’t write and that makes me sad.

I had a plan last night. I figured if I went to bed early (10:30pm is early for me) and got eight hours of sleep, I’d knock out this headache! So…I was very discouraged when I woke up this morning and the headache was still there. It’s not as bad as yesterday but I know from experience, it has potential. So I was feeling down and having a pity party when I read the following post on Facebook from a woman I met at church:

“I am reading the most wonderful book right now that I can honestly tell you is the best book I have ever read! I have read a lot of books, back before I became a Christian, the trashy novels, regular books as a kid, any kind of James Patterson I could get my hands on. Then this beautiful lady from my church, the wonderfully talented Rebekah Ruth wrote her first book “Where the Pink Houses Are”. I have never wanted to put this book down one time while reading it and only forced myself. I have a bit to go but I am determined to finish tonight or in the am. It is a beautiful love story but it incorporates into it practical life lessons, I won’t give much more away but strongly encourage you to pick up a copy.”

What a lovely way to start my day! Then I noticed she’d posted on my wall as well:

“I had to put this note on your wall so that if any of our mutual friends see this that have not read your book, hopefully they will after they read this. I had told you at choir after Kick the Tire rehearsal a few weeks back how much I was enjoying your book. I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Honestly the most refreshing, light, exceptional work I’ve ever read. I cheated and jumped to your author’s notes although I have a little bit left to read ( I just know I’m going to finish this tonight or into the morning, I can’t put it down). I found myself taking your words and writing down notes for myself, I too found myself learning lessons & being reminded of God’s love for us and all that we can do to broaden our relationship with Him. NEVER have I ever experienced that before. For any of our friends who haven’t had a chance to buy a copy of “Where the Pink Houses Are”, I highly recommend you get a copy. If you have a copy and haven’t started it or are in the middle, keep going, you will be so happy you did. What a wonderful, lighthearted, beautiful story. You are a blessing. I pray this isn’t your only book.”

So, since she did all the writing, I thought this would be a nice thing to post today since it almost cured my headache 😉 (Not quite…but almost.) If you haven’t read my novel, click here to read the Kirkus Review and here to see it on Amazon. Thank you Julie for writing my blog post for me today 🙂 I’m so glad you loved my book. As I said on your wall, one of the greatest things an author can hear is that his or her words had a real impact on someone. And in my case, knowing that my book reminded you of God’s love for you is priceless.



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  1. Feel better my dear friend. I am also fighting a headache but mine is from an awesome sinus infection ( I know ur jealous). Ill be praying for ur new homeschooling adventure and I think it’s awesome that u and hubby are so involved with ur kids that you would do something like that. U r an encouragement to me. Love u!

    • Thank you Jenn! I’m sorry you’re sick too! Sounds like you need antibiotics!
      Glad I can encourage from my sick bed. haha. Love u too.

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