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Hi friends!

It’s been a busy week around here. I celebrated my 40th birthday and I don’t feel old at all.  What makes 40 such a big deal? I’m not sure. But I still feel 25 in my mind…even if my knees occasionally hurt and I have more gray hair than I did a few years back.

I did get a very nice surprise this week and even though it’s not specifically a birthday present, it’s very cool. We were given the opportunity to take our family on a Disney Cruise for a quarter of the usual price! We had been saving for a big family vacation in the spring so we jumped at the opportunity. However, we’ve had only 10 days notice! So…that’s why you haven’t heard from me much here. Lot’s to do to get six people ready to cruise in such a short time. The kids are super excited for their first plane ride and first time cruising for all of us! So, house-sitter…check. Plane tickets…check. Car rental…check. Hotel room…check. Check, check, check. My world is filled with checks right now (and yes, I did put things I’ve already accomplished on my check-list. It’s the only way to do a check-list!)

I’ll be sure to post a few pics when I get home. In the mean time I thought I’d put up a few favorite posts from the past in case you are looking for something to read 🙂 as I won’t be writing much for the next little while. Just scroll down and click on whichever titles interest you.

But first, if you’re in the Rochester area, I’ll be having my first home-town book signing on Saturday, Dec. 1st…click here for details.

What’s in Your Basement? This is probably my most favorite post. It made people laugh and I love that. If you have clutter issues, this one’s for you!

What Kind of Animal Are You? This post surprises me because every single day at least one person happens upon my blog via search engine when they type in some variation of “Lion, Otter, Golden, Beaver.” Every day! Personality types are definitely something people are curious about. So if you haven’t read this one, click the title.

I’m Robbing My Kids! This is my most read post. If you are a “Helicopter Mom” often hovering and doing things for your kiddos, you might appreciate this post. If you’re not a hovering mom but you think your kids take you for granted or don’t help out around the house enough, you also will appreciate it.

Unloved or Disrespected (The crazy cycle) This is another very popular post that is often accessed by people typing “disrespecting spouse” or some variation into a search engine like Google. It’s a hot button. So if you are feeling unloved or disrespected, check it out!

Thanks for reading. Please leave comments or questions and hope everyone has a wonderful, thanks-filled Thanksgiving 🙂





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