Waiting till After… (Five Minute Friday)

Photo credit: Creative Commons- Brian Richardson

Photo credit: Creative Commons- Brian Richardson

Five minutes…Go!

After I lose weight, I’ll learn how to dance. After I feel better about my weight, I’ll learn how to rap. After my kids are grown, I’ll learn how to play guitar. After. After. After. Why am I waiting till after…?


I’m short-changing myself, I know. I need to stop thinking that I have to wait for something else to happen before I can make something happen. Because I am wasting precious time in the waiting when I could be doing.


Why do I do that? Is it the procrastinator in me? I don’t think so. I think it’s the sneaky internal perfectionist in me. If I can’t look like a professional by day two, I don’t want to try dancing. If I can’t play like Eric Clapton, why am I bothering to build calluses? But that’s so unrealistic (and let’s face it…prideful!). I need to give myself permission to be crappy at things for a while because unless you’re a child prodigy, most of your efforts start out kind of crappy. And that’s okay. There’s a freedom in that.


I’m going to ignore that pesky little perfectionist inside, this month, and try something new. How about you? Wanna do something crappy with me?

Stop…time’s up!

This post is inspired by Lisa-Jo Baker’s Five Minute Fridays. The idea being that one prompt word is given on Friday and hundreds of bloggers take 5 minutes to write on the subject. No editing…no perfecting. Just five minutes of writing. (If you’re one of my blogging friends, why not join in?)





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  1. I thought to myself, sure I’ll try something new with you… Not musical, haha forget dancing, hmmm nevermind I’ll wait till I think of something I have a chance of actually learning. Maybe later I’ll think ofsomething. Oh bother. Tammie

  2. Loved this! May all your afters come soon.
    Laura Hedgecock

  3. Hey Rebekah! I love it! We should try to be crappy at new things all the time!!! After 10,000 hours of being crappy, we might just be great! lol Loved it!

  4. I learned to play guitar at 12 years of age by myself. I learned the piano at a earlier age. Though now I don’t have a piano like once long ago, and I also no longer have a guitar like I use to have.
    I am a slow poke, as well as not being financially well off any longer to get an instrument. I want another guitar, but that’s going to still have to wait. But I see your point, we really ought not to put off trying something, whether a musical instrument or going on a zip-line, or whatever our hearts desire.

  5. Oh yeah sister! This is awesome. What wise words you write. Thank you for sharing.

  6. i’m doing crappy things all the time!! i’m a natural at crappy. gifted, actually. thank you for validating my crappiness. 🙂

  7. Great post! I think I should try something crappy this month too!!!

  8. Much wisdom here, bless you.

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