Brave (Five Minute Friday)

I wish I had written down this beautiful woman's name when I snapped her pic. She was precious...and I'm sure she was brave. She had seen so much.

I wish I had written down this beautiful woman’s name when she asked me to take her pic. She was precious…and I’m sure she was brave. She had seen so much.

Five minutes…Go!


When I think of brave, I think of something I hope I am. I’m not really sure because I don’t know that I’ve really been tested. When I hear of what people in third world countries have had to face, I wonder how I would hold up.

I’ve spoken with women who watched, helpless, as their families were scattered and killed when rebels invaded their small african village.

I’ve listened to a very brave man recount the time he had to hide his entire family in a stream to avoid detection by those bent on killing just because they could.

Many of my friends in Sierra Leone, Africa, endured unspeakable things when the rebels came through their villages. And yet those who survived have an enduring spirit. They are still moving forward and caring for their families. They are still showing love to their neighbors. They have even shown forgiveness to those who caused them harm.

That’s brave. I hope that if I’m ever put to such a test, I will do whatever God asks of me and I will do it regardless of what may happen to me. I hope I’m that brave.

Stop. Time’s up.

How about you…have you had an experience where you discovered you are brave? Please share in the comments section. I know others will be encouraged by your story!

Note: This one was hard for me not to edit. There’s so much more I could say…but I’m going to be brave and just hit publish, anyway. (And the first thing I actually thought of when I heard the word brave was the fantastic Scottish accent of Merida in the movie Brave…but I had no where else to go with that one ;))

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  1. Not horribly brave but I shaved my own head! It took me a half hour to figure out where to start but I lifted up my sides and started on the sides and back of my head. I got itchy and took off my sweater. Then I realized I really like the cut. I stopped there for the night. It only lasted a day. Then I had to shave it down completely. I didn’t think I could do it, but I did.

    • Oh Esther, you are brave in so many ways. Anyone who has faced down a cancer diagnosis is a hero in my book! I saw your beautiful pictures on fb that day and I think you are stunning. So proud of you and your courage is inspiring! Much love…rebekah

  2. love is brave, Tam

  3. I think those are the bravest of the brave…I love this. And that photo is stunning…I’m sure she IS brave. Blessings, sweet friend. Thank you for this! 🙂

  4. Rebekah Ruth,

    Howdy! I was drawn here by your beautiful photo! Great stories. Especially appreciated your point re: your bravery not being tested yet. Maybe not in the same way as the men and women in your stories.

    I often think the same thoughts. I hope I’ll be brave whatever situation God allows me to face. But the true test–my response when “it” happens. In everything, always–success only possible in the power of His Spirit. In God’s mighty strength. In Jesus’ name.

    Well done!

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