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Five minutes…ready…write!



There have been times when a song has reached me more than ten sermons could. Sometimes, I think I fall in love with a song because my subconsious mind knows before my conscious mind figures out that I need to listen to the lyrics and drink them in, deeply. There are songs like that. Songs that move me and change me.


And singing, even if it’s at the top of my lungs in my car with (thankfully) no one to hear, makes me feel more alive. Always. I find myself singing without realizing it. Of course my kids realize it, because we’re in the check-out line at the store and they are embarrassed. “Mom…could you stop singing?”


Haha. No. I can’t. I think it’s the way God made me. Singing and writing are the two creative ways that help me know more who I am. That I feel more connected to God and what He’s teaching me.


What is your song? What is your thing in your life that makes you feel more alive. Is it dancing? Speaking? Writing? Singing? Cleaning/organizing? (haha…not me!) Serving those in need? Teaching little children? Whatever it is, I hope you do it as often as you can. Sing your “song.” Feel alive!



Although it is actually Saturday, I love this prompt word from Lisa-Jo Baker, so I had to jump in a day late. Five Minute Friday is a fabulous community of hundreds of writers, all writing on the same prompt work each week. For more info or to join us, click here.


*Photo credit: Salvation Army USA West on creative commons.

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  1. Love it! That’s what I told my kids and now I tell my grand kids….I just can’t stop singing! Your question about what my song is really got me to thinking. I think one of my songs is doing laundry. I love it so! Crazy – huh?
    Hugs to you on Monday,

  2. I love this. 🙂 So, a confession: I host my own little concert in our van every time I drive somewhere. I unashamedly belt out my favorite tunes for all the world to hear. (Or, at least my daughter to hear. The rest of the world only gets to hear when the windows are down.) 😉 There is so much power in music…it is definitely one of the songs that makes up my day. Blessings, friend…wishing you a beautiful week!

  3. Love this one today, and I was two days late myself. Good thing we all have great things to say! I know how songs can speak to our hearts and remind me of who I really am. I know that Heavenly Father can touch me so much more with music sometimes. He knows that too! Love your words today.

  4. there are songs that speak to each of us.. and thank you for this beautiful reminder

  5. Thank you for the reminder that we each have a song, a gift, something that is part of us. I think we all need to hear that from time to time.

  6. Hey there neighbor…I’m late getting my FMF in as well. Good thing she gives us a week!
    I loved your post, and it’s how I feel too about some songs speaking more than 10 sermons. It hits you deep down in the marrow and usually reflects exactly where I am and what God’s trying to say to me…
    God bless your Saturday…

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