Today would be Kaity’s 23rd Birthday


I re-post this each year, in honor of my beautiful niece, Kaity, who was taken from this life too soon. I know her mom, dad, brother and sisters still miss her bright smile. You are all in my prayers today!

Kaity would be 23 today.

The number one thought that comes to mind when I think of her, is that she lived life to the fullest. It’s cliche to say it. I know. But she did.

I don’t know of anyone who packed more into a short 17 years of life. She was a beautiful blond girl with a smile that lit a room. She was a star athlete and an elite musician. I think her mom, Sue, must have lived in her minivan for all those years taking her (and her brother Kevin) to practices and rehearsals all over town. I imagine Sue may have longed for a less active girl at times (or at least for a private chauffeur!) But I know she doesn’t regret a single mile she put on her van, in hindsight. She gave a great gift to her daughter. She let her be fully Kaity. She didn’t limit her creativity or her energy and as a result, Kaity lived it up! She wrung every ounce of life out of those 17 years.

She was taken from us too soon in a fluke car accident on a November day, six years ago. I would guess that her parents and siblings still deal with the pain of losing her, on a regular basis. I can’t fully imagine what they’ve been through. But in Kaity’s honor, I can learn from her.

I can live each day to the fullest. I can try new things. I can decide not to complain about having to drive my kids all over town. And I can appreciate each day I have with my family because nothing is guaranteed.

Sue and Kieth, Kevin, Kinsey and Kara…you are in our thoughts and prayers today as you remember her on her 23rd birthday. I’m thinking she’s having a party somewhere, right now! 🙂

Love you,



P.S. As I post this today, thinking of Kaity, and how much it hurt to lose her, another sweet child is on my mind. His name is Ben, he’s four years old and the last month has turned his life upside down. He’s been diagnosed with an aggressive stage IV brain cancer. Please join me in praying for a miracle for this beautiful boy.  If you want more info, click here: Blue4Ben 


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  1. I love you, Rebekah; as well as the way you use your words to share & inspire light in dark places. Praying for your family as well as mine today <3

    • Well, I could just say every bit of that back to you! So thankful that I attended Liz’s wedding and thus began a friendship with you. You are a gift. Love you!

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