An Open Letter to Mindy Sauer


Dear Mindy,

I know you’ve been told, over and over, what an impact you’re having on people as you go through this horrible ordeal. I’m sure you would rather have a healthy little boy than almost 50,000 facebook page “likes.” But that’s not the hand you’ve been dealt and I have never seen someone handle a bad deal with so much grace.

You and I talked about writing. About how writers process their thoughts with words on a page…how that’s what you’re doing. (For example, this letter has been writing itself in my head for days now and wouldn’t turn off until I finally sat down to write it!) So I understand that you’re processing all of this in writing. But you are so brave, friend, because you are processing and then hitting “publish,” making those thoughts public. Sharing a piece of yourself at a time when no one would blame you for shutting your doors and pulling the shades. 

Everywhere I go, people are talking about Ben. Seriously…everywhere. It’s mind-boggling. I’ve heard people wonder aloud why this story has captured so many hearts. Truth is, there are kids diagnosed with cancer every day. Truth is, Bad things happen to good people every day. So, why has this struck such a chord? I think there are a few obvious reasons:

First, your kids are some of the cutest kids I’ve ever seen. (There’s just something about a pair of dimples.) I think I’ve probably liked more of your Instagram pics than any others, cuz they are just so darn cute. 

Second, it’s the twin thing. The thought of an identical twin losing his brother is just somehow harder to bear.

Third, any time a child has cancer, it’s undeniably unfair. And people react to that. 

For all those reasons, I think the story has spread. But you, Mindy, are the lightning rod. If you hadn’t shared your heart in such an eloquent, raw, honest way, I believe things would have gone very differently. But for His own reasons, God has seen fit to make this about more than a dreadful diagnosis. And you have allowed Him to do that, through you.

Because the world is longing to see true faith. A faith that is not based on circumstances. A faith that reassures us that God is good, even when things look very bad. A faith that is real and willing to be honest. To wrestle with hard questions. To cry and beg God for answers. A faith that is strong enough to carry a family through the hardest of times. 

You have shown us that, friend. You are showing that. Every day. With each mini miracle, each word in a post, each glimpse into the life of your precious Ben. You are giving people hope that true faith exists and God is good. 

So, I want to thank you. Thank you for letting us in when you had every right to shut us out. I know it can’t be easy. And if tomorrow, you stop writing…stop sharing…no one will blame you and we will keep loving you and praying for you. As you’ve said, we don’t know what tomorrow will bring. You don’t owe anyone a single blog post. But as long as you keep writing them, we will keep reading and weeping with you. 

Regardless of what happens tomorrow, I just wanted to tell you, from one mama to another, you have made a difference. 

You have helped me be a better mom. I pay more attention to what my kids say these days. I play more games. I watch more card tricks. I treasure each day because the truth is, none of us is guaranteed another one. Each day is a gift. Thank you for helping me to see that. 

And on behalf of the thousands you’ve touched, thanks for being so brave. You’ve inspired us all.



For any of my readers who (somehow) haven’t heard about Ben yet, click here to read his story: Blue4Ben

UPDATE:  On May 14, 2014,  Mindy posted the following on the Blue4Ben Facebook page:

Ben is with Jesus now. He took his first breath in heaven peacefully at 8:05pm last night. Thank you so much for praying. Our baby is at peace now.

Our local news channel, WGRZ, posted a beautiful piece about Ben’s story. Get some tissues and click here to watch it. It’s an incredible story.


Photo Credit goes to none other than four year old Jack Sauer.  Nice shot, big guy!

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  1. This blog was well written Rebeka, I truly hope that some
    day when things settle, Mindy will turn these blogs into a book. They are so well written and truly have allowed us to see inside her journey. God Bless the Sauer Family

  2. Hi all…wishing there were “like” buttons on comments here on my website, so I could individually thank you each for your comments. There’s probably a widget or plugin or some other thing that I’m clueless about that would make that possible. But alas, as I’ve already stated, I’m clueless. So…Thank you all for your comments and kind words. I’m thankful and humbled that my words to Mindy resonated with thousands of people. She is an inspiration and in her words, if you’ve seen anything good in her, it’s not her, it’s the Lord. To that I say, likewise 🙂 I told her that many of you have left her messages here on my blog. Thanks again for your comments. God Bless!

  3. This letter was eloquently written! It says everything everyone ( the thousands of people) that this story has reached feels, myself included. But we didn’t for whatever reason. I am a transplant from Buffalo but am so proud to be from there. The city really went all out for Ben! I pray hard every morning before I get out of bed and each night before I sleep that a miracle comes to Ben. God Bless you all.

    • I’m truly inspired by you all. I pray for Ben and his family. You are all a true blessing from God. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

  4. Eloquently written and beyond truthful. Ben’s story has captured my heart as well and I continuously pray for him. I am certain the family has searched endless options for Ben, but if they are not aware, Dana-Farber Institute in Boston is conducting a clinical trial for GBM and Duke University (Dr. Sri Gururangan and team) have tremendously changed children’s outcomes. We continue to pray for Ben’s miracle.

  5. There is another reason everyone knows about Been…his parents’ faith. Everyday I pray for Ben, I pray for his family and I pray that God helps my faith to be as strong as Mindy’s. She is an amazing example to us all and I thank her for that.

  6. If we can help bear each others burdens whether we personally know each other or not we can all become better people. Thank you for the honest sharing and although my “kids’ are now adults it has made me think about spending time with them and my grandchildren too. May God bless your family and answer the many prayers offered for Ben’s total healing and remission of this terrible cancer.

  7. Thank you Rebecca for giving voice to the mirrored thoughts I have running through my head. And I echo every word you wrote to Mindy. Thank you Mindy for blessing me with your true Grace. <3

  8. This article has so much truth to it.
    I was able to get the people in my office wear blue yesterday for Ben( pictures to follow soon)&i was talking to a friend saying I don’t know why but this story grab my heart strings and she said their are people all over with these situations.
    I said I know ….& now after reading this article , you have seem to say how I feel.
    God Bless Ben:)

  9. Patty Claybrooke

    I think this letter reflects what so many of us have felt and seen in Mindy’s faith. It has strengthened so many others. I pray you find some comfort in having so many people who care. Especially total strangers, but friends. I was blessed to find your links and be a part of this movement of faith. (I also wish I could have liked the comments already here) I will continue to pray for you and your family! Thank you !!!

  10. Very beautifully written, Rebekah. I am so happy that Mindy has such an honest and supportive friend in you. As a mom of 3, and a religious education teacher – this is just the message I want all of my kids to get. God has a plan for each and every one of us. We may not always understand, but everything happens as God has planned. We need to have faith and trust in HIm. Mindy is truly a shining example of this. I pray that God will see fit to provide The Sauer family a miracle, as their faith has guided them each and every day.

  11. You have expressed in this open letter, I sure how so many feel. I will continue to send prayers, & yes I too find my self loving, praying and try to fit in more with my loved ones. I actually am finding my self talking with GOD every day.

  12. Thank you for saying so eloquently what I would have love to have said myself. I thank you…and I thank Mindy so very much. She is indeed making our invisible God…visible for an onlooking world to see! My prayers won’t stop!

  13. This is such a touching letter. Reaching out in this way is just awesome. Just amazing.

  14. I was once told that having a sick or disabled child is a compliment from God. He knew you would be strong and patient enough for the child. God bless all the children and their strong mothers.

  15. Thank you for expressing to Mindy exactly what I have been thinking. She is remarkable and has taught me to have a stronger faith and be a better mom to my children.

  16. You have written what many of us Moms have been thinking. Thank you for sharing this incredible letter. My prayers continue daily for Ben and all sick children. Always hoping for a miracle.

  17. Jocelyn Sullivan-Knapp

    Amen and Amen! Mindy, all of you, have helped me come to a place with my family, with my faith that I’ve needed to be for a long time! I am honestly saying, until it saw the faith of 47K followers, and a mamas heart from Mindy, I really didn’t even think about getting on my knees before Jesus! I’m changing, I know others are as well. Changing how we are as mothers, wives, sisters, daughters….CHRISTIANS! Thank you for your heart, Rebekah and Mindy……and everyone else led to reply, post, and PRAY!!! I fully believe God is performing a miracle in Ben…. And many, MANY others! God bless you! In Jesus powerful name! AMEN!!!!!

  18. Just incredible. Both of you women are incredible souls

  19. I was once told that sick kids are angels in disguise, and that’s why we are so drawn to them. They’re here on earth for us to learn a life lesson, to teach us ❤️ I totally believe it!

  20. Well Said & I agree from another Mom of 5. My church, The Orchard Park Wesleyans on Ellicott Rd are praying for you all daily, & we all, always wonder why am I on earth? You Mindy are leading others, to the Love of Christ & of course so is Ben! Still praying Love Jolene Zeigler

  21. how beautifully put, as a mom of twins who is battling cancer myself, this story has touched my heart in many ways. Mindy, I dont know you , but you have changed so many lives by sharing your story. We all need to see that true faith, the trust in Gods perfect plan, even when it seems anything but perfect. you have taken such a horrible situation and it miraculous. God bless you and your family for sharing Ben with us!

  22. Linda Muntz-Sigfrid

    Some days I think I am having a bad day and I have to stop and thinks of others around me for a minute – stop and pray. Mindy inspirers me to be a better mother, a better Christian. A better me. She is doing so much for others while she is going through so much of her own heartbreak. Continued prayers for the Sauer family <3

  23. Thank you for writing this wonderful letter. May God Bless you and the Sauer family.

  24. Mindy, I am a member of Denise and David’s church. Of course, we have been praying for Ben, Jack and your family since we first heart the news. I know there are no words of mine that can comfort you. I am so grateful that you have the Comforter to care for you and your family. Our prayers continue with you.

  25. Well said my friend…I too have changed my perspective and mothering because of what Mindy has been so brave to share.

  26. Bill Meidenbauer

    I agree: WOW. Thank you for being a real hero to all of us. I will try harder to be a better father to my two beautiful children. We will continue to pray for all of you and yes, we do believe in miracles.

  27. Rebekah, I couldn’t have said it better myself. No, really. I’m sadly a horrible writer. So, thank you for saying to Mindy exact what I feel in my heart. I may only have been lucky enough to spend a short time with her in twins club but I feel so blessed to know her. She inspirers me to be a better mother, a better Christian. A better me. She is doing so much for others while she is going through so much of her own heartbreak. Continued prayers for the Sauer family <3

    • Thank you Joanna…but I think you’re a better writer than you think 🙂 Thanks for agreeing with me as we send more prayers up for this precious family!

  28. Stephanie Faulkner

    Megan -what you said! Beautifully put. Thank you.

  29. As a high school English teacher, these are the EXACT thoughts I have been thinking recently…….that the power of words, and the willingness to share with others those eloquent, honest words, can indeed grow into a powerful, beautiful force….Mindy is proving that with each new post she publishes….thank you to her, and thank you to you, Rebekah, for saying what has been in my heart. God Bless you both, and a world of continued prayers to Mindy, Ben and the entire Sauer family. <3

  30. Beautifully said, Reveals :^)

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