IMHO. That was one of those “text speak” words that I had to look up after seeing it over and over on Facebook and having no clue what it meant. Most of them I could figure out when I first noticed them:

  • LOL= Laughing out loud (although, I’ve heard it said that it should really read LQTM…Laughing quietly to myself…because that’s really what you’re doing most of the time that you type LOL).
  • BTW= By the way
  • BRB= Be right back
  • OMG= Oh my gosh/god (depending on your convictions)
  • IDK= I don’t know
  • OMW= On my way

You get the idea. But IMHO stumped me. (as did SMH…shaking my head). IMHO means In my humble opinion (thank you Google, you’re my BFF). Often it’s thrown in at the end of a rant or someone’s explanation of how they feel on any particular subject. (I think it’s kind of a funny statement because rarely when I’ve seen it used did the user sound very humble.)


But anyway, I digress. I’ve been thinking about my opinion today. I am trying to figure out exactly what I think about a sticky situation someone brought up, and I was stressing a little. Because I’m not sure what I think but I know it’s not what I’m “supposed” to think. Not what I’ve been told to think my whole life.


And I was getting a little frustrated. Because while I believe it is admirable to really know why you believe what you believe, I get a strong sense that thinking too much about what you’ve been raised to think, pushing on some edges, makes others uncomfortable. But I can’t not think about things. I want to know why I believe what I believe. Whether it’s in regards to politics, religion, raising kids, whatever.


But after a few minutes of mulling over things, I got really excited because I realized something that is so freeing; I don’t have to tell anyone my opinion about anything, if I don’t want to. I know that may sound obvious. I’m sure a few of you are saying, “Duh.” But it was kind of revolutionary for me. I’ve always thought that I should be an open book. It’s the way I’m wired—a people pleaser, at heart. But after some awkward conversations lately I’m coming to realize that I don’t have to share my thoughts about anything unless I feel safe doing so.


I know. It’s really an odd stance for a blogger to take. I mean, what is a blog like this if it’s not my opinions? You’re right. It is odd. (It’s also why I’ve written almost nothing in six months.) But I mean…I am a writer. I’m writing a book about parenting a strong willed child, for goodness sake. Obviously, I’ll be sharing my opinions. So, I’m not saying I’ll never give my opinion. I’m simply saying that I’ve realized I get to choose what I share and what I don’t and just because someone wants to pin me down to a position, doesn’t mean I have to let them. I can still have a great relationship with someone even if they don’t know what I think about all the “hot topics.”

It was quite freeing for me to realize that I can choose to keep:

  • What I think about God between me and Him.
  • What I think about politics between me and the voting machine.
  • What I think about raising kids between me and my husband.
  • What I think about the weather…well that it SUCKS. (See, I don’t mind sharing some of my opinions ;))


I may be the only person in the world who never realized I had a right to keep my thoughts to myself. But probably, someone out there reading this also needed “permission” to think for themselves and not let anyone push them into doing otherwise. So there it is.

That’s the truth.



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  1. So I Totally needed to read this today!!! Even though we are far away from each other you always seem to say exactly what I need!!
    Thanks Rebekah for being so awesome!!

  2. Good stuff, Reb. People pleasing does cause that feeling that I have to give an open book answer to anything people ask. And like you said… it’s not always a safe person to give that answer to. Thank you for sharing!

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