My Ten Year Old…the Quilter?



Had a conversation with Ten yesterday that went something like this:

Ten: “Mom, I’m bored out of my mind.”

Me: “Well, boredom isn’t necessarily bad, buddy. It helps you learn to be more creative. Makes you find something interesting to do.”

Ten: “Mom.” He gives me the look—you know, chin down, looking up at me with furrowed brows. “I’ve literally googled what to do when you’re bored. Literally.” He pauses for dramatic effect. Then, in a completely serious, exasperated voice “…and it’s QUILTING!”

I burst out laughing. I couldn’t help myself.

It had been such a serious moment for him. Tears pushing on his lower lids. Talking about how he hates being the youngest because everyone is too busy to do anything with him. And then—quilting.

He smiled in spite of himself, dimples flashing. I could just picture him sitting at the computer, awaiting the results of his query. Maybe Google would have the answer to his all-important question.

And up pops a picture of ten women in a quilting circle.

So, while it was a funny moment, it did have me thinking about what I can do to help him. It’s got to be hard on him after having me home for most of his life and now I’m working and not as available. He’s right. Everyone else is so busy and he’s not. He’s taught himself to draw and he does his homework and his chores. He practices his drumming and reads his book. And then he’s got about…oh…hours still to fill.

I mean, we have sporting activities, and other things going on some nights. But after school I can see why he’s bored out of his mind.

So I’m just kind of curious, dear readers; What do your kids do to occupy themselves? Obviously there are times that we can do things with them but they really do need to learn to entertain themselves. How do you manage that?

I’ve got a few ideas I’m going to try. We are going to work on taking his bedroom from kid-like to middle-school like. That’s long overdue. I’m willing to bet he still has Dora the Explorer dominoes in there. And probably a copy of Cat in the Hat. So that will help. And since he likes to draw, I’ll stock his art supplies. But I still need ideas of things that ten year olds enjoy doing.

So, save my son from the quilting circle. Give me some ideas. Ready, set, go!


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  1. He could learn to design things, if he loves anything like that. Is he good at building anything, a craft thing that could inspire him to grow with talent, then maybe be able to sell whatever he makes? Just some thoughts I’m throwing around.

  2. My sons watch imaginext videos on YouTube. I know I’m the best parent ever 😉

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