What’s your Story?

photo credit: docbaty on Creative Commons

photo credit: docbaty on Creative Commons

A few years ago, a pretty young woman approached me in a Panera.

“Hi, you’re a writer, aren’t you?” She held out a business card.

Now, at this point, I had written my book and started my blog but I certainly didn’t think I would be recognizable to anyone! I figured we must have mutual friends or something.

“Um, yes, I am.” I held out my hand. “I’m Rebekah.”

“Lisa.” She shook my hand and told me that someone had told her I was a writer, and she was too so she wondered if we could have coffee soon and talk.

Why not?

That was the beginning of not only a wonderful friendship (because she’s amazing), but also the start of what would become Ink&Keys Writers Group. We are a small group of women (we keep our numbers small on purpose) who meet regularly as often as we can, to encourage one another and give each other feedback on whatever we happen to be working on at the time.

Some of us write fiction, some write Bible studies, some write blogs and some are still figuring out what we’re writing. But we all have come to realize that God  has given us a story to tell, in one way or another.

And that’s the message we hope to share. All of us—and yes, that means you too—have a story to tell. There is something in your story that someone else needs to hear. You have a voice and without your voice, something is missing in the overall story.

So how are you supposed to tell your story? Is it through writing? Maybe. But it might be through painting or graphic design or public speaking. There are so many creative ways that we can express ourselves. We are made in the image of The Creator, after all. It’s only natural that we would create.

And here’s the thing, everyone has a different size stage and that doesn’t mean the the stadium ones are better than the living room ones. You can shine in whatever arena you find yourself in.

If you write a blog and only fifteen people regularly read it, you are speaking into the lives of those fifteen people in a way that is impacting them.

If you create art and it only hangs on the wall in your mama’s house, you’ve brightened her day and that’s awesome.

The important thing is that you are creating. You are finding an outlet for the creativity that God designed you with. When you’re doing that, no matter how many or how few people are “consuming” it, you are more whole.

So go for it! Dust off that old paint set (and if they’re dried up, just go get yourself some new ones!), start keeping a journal, sign up for that public speaking class, drag out that sewing machine to make some doll clothes for your grand-daughter. Whatever it is that makes you feel more alive…that is what you need to do more of. It’s important enough to set aside time in your crazy, busy life to have a creative outlet.

You and your world will be better for it.



P.S. Ink&Keys will be on the radio today discussing this very topic. You can listen live at 1pm (Saturday 3/21/1/5) on WDCX or I will post the link to the archive after the fact. Hope you can tune in!

And click here for some of the resources from Ink&Keys.

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  1. Great post, Rebekah! Haha. I love how God brought our little group together (: And that we get to be a part of each other’s stories now. Good things happen at Panera!

  2. Thanks for that reminder! I love making my Momma happy.

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