An Open Letter to Mindy Sauer


Dear Mindy, I know you’ve been told, over and over, what an impact you’re having on people as you go through this horrible ordeal. I’m sure you would rather have a healthy little boy than almost 50,000 facebook page “likes.” But that’s not the hand you’ve been dealt and I…

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By the Seat of My Pants


As an author, one of the most common interview questions I’m asked is, “When you write, are you the type that has a detailed outline or are you more of a fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants kind of writer?”   I’m definitely in that latter camp. There could be many reasons for this. First,…

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Living in the In Between (Five Minute Friday)


Five Minute Friday prompt for this week: In Between Five minutes of free writing. Ready, Set, Go! I suddenly remembered a song that I used to sing over and over when I was a teen. It’s called, “The Now and the Not Yet” by Amy Grant. And when I think…

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