Our Patio…before and after pics (since you asked ;)

After...so much better!!

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    From this….       to this….     …in just a couple weeks!     Many of you have requested before and after pics of our patio, after reading about the lovely argument…eh…disagreement…eh…discussion Bill and I had over the furniture (to get caught up, click here) So…

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Listen Beyond the Words (Five Minute Friday)


A peaceful Sunday morning coffee had turned into an unpleasant argument. My hubby and I are very excited about the prospect of removing the ugly dog fence that adorns the back of our home and turning the space into a lovely patio. We’ve been here, in our first house, for…

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Paranoid…and a Saturn Minivan

The Saturn Minivan...photo credit unknown.

“Just because you’re paranoid, doesn’t mean people aren’t out to get you.” Funny, right? An ironic funny comment that I’ve laughed at and quoted over the years. But the reality is that in most situations people are not thinking about us nearly as much as we think they are. We…

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Unloved or Disrespected?

crazy cycle

(While on vacation…I’m posting some of my most popular posts. Here’s one about the crazy cycle…are you in it?) Which one are you feeling? If you’re married and you’re struggling it’s probably one of the two. During marital conflict, men most often feel disrespected while women most often feel unloved.…

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