Jefferson or Burr…we know it’s lose/lose (Clinton or Trump? Trump or Clinton?)


Dear Mr. Hamilton, your fellow federalists would like to know how you’ll be voting? Jefferson or Burr? We know it’s lose/lose. Jefferson or Burr. But if you had to choose? ~The Election of 1800 by Lin-Manuel Miranda As I sat in the Richard Rogers Theater last month watching Hamilton: An American…

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From the Plane

Hello all! I hope your holidays were lovely and just what you realistically expected (wink). I’m writing to you from inside a plane sitting at the gate at JFK. (Technology is amazing.) I’m with a group of people heading to the Dominican Republic on a medical missions trip. I’m so…

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Merry Christmas!

  Hi friends! Just a quick note to let you know I’m having some technical difficulties with my website (and I’m clueless when it comes to programming, etc) so I’ll be working on that in between wrapping presents & baking gluten-free sugar cookies 🙂 That means I’ll be on hiatus…

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