Book Club Discussion Questions -Where the Pink Houses Are


  1. What was the significance of the title? Would you have named it differently?
  2. What was unique about the Irish setting of the book and did it enhance the story? Did it make you want to go to Ireland?
  3. Do the characters seem real and believable to you? Who do you relate to most?
  4. Which character would you most want to meet?
  5. Did the characters do what you expected them to?
  6. How did you feel when Brenna met Luke? Did you think he was going to be her love interest? Did you like him?
  7. How did your feelings for Luke change throughout the book?
  8. Were you angry at Brenna for making choices she did?
  9. Do you think you would have acted differently than she did?
  10. Did Ryan frustrate you like he did Brenna?
  11. When he finally “told all” did you understand his choices better?
  12. Ryan spent many years trying to “make up for his mistakes.” Do you think that is an effective strategy? Why or why not? What did Ryan come to believe about it?
  13. Did you have strong feelings (either positive or negative) about anything that happened in the book? If so, why do you think that you felt that way?
  14. Some people feel that fiction should be purely for entertainment sake, not meant to teach or cause growth. Do you agree?
  15. As a result of the thought in question 15, many people think fiction is a waste of time. Since you’ve just read a fiction, you probably disagree. What do you like about fiction?
  16. Was there anything in the book that caused you to think differently about a certain topic or idea?
  17. What do you think the author intended the themes of the book to be?
  18. Did you realize the book was inspired by (but not based on…not a direct allegory) the book of Ruth, in the Old Testament?
  19. Did the book end as you expected?
  20. What age group do you think would most relate to the characters?
photo credit: docbaty on Creative Commons

photo credit: docbaty on Creative Commons

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