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Local author, Rebekah Ruth, has received the coveted Kirkus Star, which is “awarded to books of remarkable merit.” Kirkus Reviews has been an authority in book discovery for over 80 years and they are known as “The World’s Toughest Book Critics.”

Ruth is a first time author whose book, Where the Pink Houses Are, was published in November 2011 by WestBow Press. Kirkus Indie published the following review on May 30, 2012:


A 20-year-old widow and her mother-in-law take a vacation to Ireland and find more than they ever expected.

Nine months have passed since the freak storm that killed Ben, the bedrock of two women’s lives: his wife, Brenna, and his mother, Anna. Deciding that a trip to Ireland—Anna’s ancestral home—is needed for their mental and physical well-being, the women head to Millway, in County Cork, to recover. As the two women ease into their vacation they realize they are physically and emotionally needed in Ireland. Auntie Pat is suffering from Alzheimer’s disease, which is progressing, and Bettie, her daughter, is stretched too thin trying to run the family B&B and care for her mother. Quickly establishing their intent to stay in Millway, both women find jobs and settle into the community. Brenna meets two men: Luke, a ladies’ man and all around flirt, and Ryan, an elusive businessman from Cork, who says he’s only interested in being friends, even though his body language says otherwise. Both men will drastically influence Brenna’s life in ways she never imagined—and in ways only God could orchestrate. In this tightly written book filled with vivid Irish scenery and culture, characters are constructed so well that the reader might feel as if they’ve met before. Physical and spiritual encounters pull the reader into the story due to their surprisingly realistic nature, while characters grow and change seemingly because of God’s presence—or lack thereof—in their lives. Ruth skillfully and charmingly leads the reader through the winding paths of the human condition, tempered by divine guidance.

A thorough, well-executed first effort.

Rebekah Ruth lives in Buffalo, NY with her husband and four children. “I had a story idea in my head for years,” says Ruth, “but it wasn’t until my husband challenged me to stop reading other people’s stories and start writing my own that I finally got serious and started writing.” From there, she says the story poured out onto her computer keyboard often keeping her up writing until four a.m. “It took me three months to do what I’d always assumed would take years. And I had a blast writing it,” says Ruth.

When asked about the Kirkus Star her book has received, she says, “It’s truly an unexpected honor. I’ve received a lot of positive feedback from readers and now to get a great review and remarkable merit star from Kirkus Indie, well it just inspires me to keep writing.” She is currently working on a sequel to Where the Pink Houses Are.




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