Where the Yellow Flowers Grow

Yellow Flowers 3D cover

When Megan McKenna was fourteen years old, she received a love letter and a bouquet of her favorite yellow flowers. She might have been swept off her feet if it weren’t for the fact that the unexpected attention had come from a nerdy sixteen-year-old with an overbite and terrible eyesight. Embarrassed, she tossed the flowers and letter into the trash without the courage to even look back at the face behind those coke-bottle glasses.


By the end of the school year, the boy had moved away from their little Irish town, and Megan was left with a guilty conscience—and a slightly queasy feeling at the sight of yellow flowers.


Ten years later, after breaking up with her cheating fiancé and subsequently finding herself at the wrong end of a public scandal, Megan has decided she’s done with men. And no, she doesn’t care how hot the new doctor is. She’s not interested.


Dr. David O’Brien has accepted a temporary position in a small country town; a town he hasn’t seen since he was sixteen when his family moved to America. A town he hasn’t seen without the aid of coke-bottle glasses.

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