Who is Rebekah?

Hey…I’m glad you stopped by my blog. If you read my first blog post you’ll see that I started this as a reluctant blogger. But it’s been exciting to see what God wanted to teach me thru this new thing. Now on to the personal stuff:

I am a mom to four amazing and often annoying kids. I won’t post their names on here because two of them are teenagers…that should be explanation enough. But I will instead refer to them by their ages. For example, “Right now all my kids are supposed to be asleep but Fifteen is in his bed taunting Eleven in the other room and all I can hear is a mumbling from one room and Eleven shouting for Fifteen to shut up. It’s happened at least five times.” Lovely and absolutely true. Now don’t be confused. Five was actually being used as a number. I do not have a five-year old. Currently (I keep this part updated) my kids are: Twenty (girl), Eighteen (boy), Thirteen (boy) and Eleven (boy). And I really do love them and think they are amazing. And annoying.

On to Hubby…I may refer to him by name, Bill, or call him hubby. I don’t think he’ll care so that’s easy. He was my high-school sweetheart (although he was well out of high school when we started dating…”cradle robber” has been occasionally mentioned but never by me. ;)) We have been married for twenty-five years and it was the best earthly decision I’ve ever made. He’s not perfect but thank God for that because neither am I and how unfair would that be?

Me? I’m really tall and I can’t tell you what color my hair is because it changes often and I don’t want to admit that it’s getting grossly gray. I like to sing, read and write. I believe that creativity and lack of clutter may be inversely related so let’s just say that I’m quite creative. (Which means I live amongst piles and stacks of things I need to get to and I can never seem to find my keys.) I’m learning (very slowly) to play guitar. I think deep down I’d like to be a rocker but I’m told I have a “sweet sound” and that I sing like Allison Krauss, so that’s not likely.

My first book, Where the Pink Houses Are, is a love story set in Ireland. It’s about second chances and learning that no one is beyond redemption. It’s available on Amazon. Some libraries carry it and if yours doesn’t, you can request it. The book info is here. My second book, Where the Yellow Flowers Grow, is another love story (of course…because that’s just fun) and it is set in the same quaint Irish town as the first with some continuing characters and some new. You can find it on Amazon as well.

Other than the things I’ve just mentioned, one of my greatest passions is reaching out to some of the poorest but most incredible people I’ve ever met. I volunteered for two years with an organization that brought clean water to the people of Sierra Leone in West Africa. A part of my heart will always be there. In early 2013, my now eighteen year old and I went to the Dominican Republic for a medical missions trip. You can read more about that here and here.  I’d love to answer any questions you may have about the need for clean water in Africa and/or my experiences in the mission field.

Now just a little about this blog. I’m writing it because I believe God wants me to. I’m hopeful that He will use it to grow me and hopefully occasionally encourage a reader or two. Please do leave comments. I read every comment. As a matter of fact, I’m really counting on some good comments and questions because I probably only have about a weeks worth of blog posts floating around in my head…after that…well…let’s just say you’d better leave me some comments!

Thanks for stopping by!



oh…and my cute family pic was taken by: SjBridgeman Photography 

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19 thoughts on “Who is Rebekah?”

  1. Howdie, Just stopped by your site as researching Book of Ruth for our High School group who meet Sunday afternoons in West Nairobi near the Ngong Hills. We do typical High School stuff as well as a Bible study which at present is life of Ruth and life of Joseph and knowing and doing God’s will.
    Appreciate your comments and welcome back to Africa anytime, West or East coast. Cordially Ruth, Alan plus 3, 7 dogs, 1 cat, etc.

    1. Hi Ruth!
      I’m so thrilled to hear from a sister in Africa! I love the book of Ruth. My novel is even inspired by Ruth. Thank you for stopping by and please come back and visit again. I certainly hope to come back to Africa. After three trips there, I can’t imagine not returning! God Bless to you, Alan plus 3, 7 dogs, 1 cat, etc 🙂

  2. Rebekah … It is amazing to me the gifts that you are clearly sharing that God has given to you. I have always admired you and your determination and strong will along with the constant give give give of your being.
    From someone who took, took and takes I hope now that from a distance I can watch you and learn more from you and your Godly ways. I love the blog, the book the passion and your stories. My verse in life at this time is Proverbs 30: 1-3 .. maybe not the best but definitely summarizes me at this time and my constant quest to find what God would want me to do …
    Thank you!
    Your friend,

    1. Wow…well that may qualify as one of the nicest things anyone has ever said to me, Michelle! We are both growing every day…BOTH of us 🙂 Give yourself some credit girl! Thanks for your kind words. Love you!

  3. First let me say, Thank You, for being an obedient woman of God. At times, it can be hard to submit, but I am gratefuly for your example. The Lord stated that we should seek wise counsel. Since you have made it through with your Strong Willed child, please send me any tips on the strong willed child. I have a strong willed child. I am having issues with figuring out the best environment for him, public, or private school. It is hard that he is SWC, but even harder that he is a male. I don’t have the opportunity to homeschool as that is not what the Lord has called me to do. Any ideas would be great.

    1. Hi Trina,
      Thanks for your comment 🙂 I don’t know how to direct you regarding schooling. It is a tough decision. I did homeschool mine until 3rd grade. By that point, we were all in agreement that she needed to leave the house for 6 hours per day. haha. But my SWC was always much better behaved outside the house than inside, so she did very well in school and yours may as well. I wrote a post for today with some tips for you about SWC’s and plan to do a series of posts. Hope it helps: http://wp.me/p2diHT-6C

  4. You know I love you girl and am as always GLUED to what you write so keep going! How about the subject of “worry” cuz a lot of women do that. The verse I clung to for many years was Matthew 6:33+34. I feel like I am finally starting to stop worrying….as much…. 😛 I

    1. hey…all of this is actually very confusing to me…as far as the technical side of the blog goes. I’m using word press so I used their template and I just uploaded my own pics and added my content. 🙂

  5. Kudos to you for doing what God wants!!!! I am subscribing to your blog as of now and as I said I loved your book!!!! You are an incredible writer and God has blessed you!!

  6. Never commented on a blog before. So glad you are doing this. with my add mind I will try to read the whole thing. I often start the first paragraph and never finish the whole article. Started your book last night and it was about page 10 when I paused and said, omg, Rebekah wrote this, this all came from her mind! How cool is that! All of this came from your mind – I just think that is amazing!

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