Living in the In Between (Five Minute Friday)


Five Minute Friday prompt for this week: In Between Five minutes of free writing. Ready, Set, Go! I suddenly remembered a song that I used to sing over and over when I was a teen. It’s called, “The Now and the Not Yet” by Amy Grant. And when I think…

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Listen Beyond the Words (Five Minute Friday)


A peaceful Sunday morning coffee had turned into an unpleasant argument. My hubby and I are very excited about the prospect of removing the ugly dog fence that adorns the back of our home and turning the space into a lovely patio. We’ve been here, in our first house, for…

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Mom, Can I Have a Hug? (Five Minute Friday)

Me and my boys...chillin together, enjoying the here and now.

Prompt word: Here. Five minutes…Go. Here. Makes me think of being here…in the present. Too often I’m not. I’m ruminating over the past or dreaming about the future. My 11-year-old is really good at pulling me in to the here and now. I’ll be fast and furious, fingers flying across…

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